The Water Museum of Ireland is a non-profit enterprise committed to the establishment of a museum entity to celebrate water in all its forms and our relationship with it.

An international water museum in Ireland will contribute significantly to the education, celebration and awareness of water as a precious resource for sustainability, quality of life and cultural enrichment. It will provide a focal point for, and a space to showcase, many activities around the theme of water. It will foster collaboration, innovation, creativity and debate. It will contribute to the global issues of climate change and sustainability and promote the Sustainable Development Goals.

The Water Museum of Ireland will be a space to celebrate water, to learn about it, to experiment, create and imagine, to explore, collaborate and provoke, a place of interactive fun and serious debate . We will curate, collaborate and participate in events – online and not – and promote and support water related events and activities in Ireland and globally.

Water Museum of Ireland, is a non-profit Company Limited by Guarantee, No.: 664303

Please contact hello@watermuseumofireland.ie for further information.